Blooming Acts of Kindness

Jennifer Guerin, owner of Blooming Artisan, is on a mission to spread more joy through flowers with the Blooming Acts of Kindness Initiative.

The first-ever Blooming Acts of Kindness initiative will be kicking off the first day of fall, September 22, 2017!  This week-long event will be the first of its kind to hit Rhode Island. Think unexpected bouquets, pop-up floral arrangements, and more. During a time when we are being bombarded by negative, hateful  news, we want to be the pick-me-up that everyone needs — and when it’s least expected, too! That element of surprise — doing good just because it feels good — is what makes us really stand out. We’re committed to growing positivity and kindness in our community and we’d love your help!


The Joyful Bouquet

SURPRISE!! Today just got a whole lot more joyful!

The Joyful Bouquet is a "just because" bouquet of flowers randomly gifted to an unsuspecting individual. If you were gifted a Joyful Bouquet, take pause, celebrate this unexpected surprise and snap a photo of your blooms (we love selfies) then let's share the joy on social media.  Be sure to tag @bloomingartisan, use the hashtags #BloomingActsofKindness or #JoyfulBouquet. Share your story — tell us you felt when you were surprised with a Blooming Act of Kindness! 


Sponsor A Joyful Bouquet!

Think this a cool idea, and want to keep it growing? Chip in to help sponsor a random, just because Joyful Bouquet  from now through October 6th. These bouquets will be delivered to unsuspecting individuals and the more we raise, the more random bouquets we deliver. For every $40 we raise [here], another Joyful Bouquet will be donated. Whether we donate 5 additional bouquets or 500 is up to you, so donate what you feel comfortable with! 

Click the link below to take part.

FAQS About Sponsoring A Joyful Bouquet

Where will Sponsored Joyful Bouquets be delivered?

Joyful Bouquets will be randomly delivered to unsuspecting individuals throughout Providence and surrounding Rhode Island communities. The more we raise, the more Joyful Bouquets we donated, the more communities  the Joyful Bouquet will reach.You never know where we’ll pop up — whether you’re in line for your morning coffee, or visiting your grandmother in assisted living.

Can I order a Joyful Bouquet to be delivered to a specific person?

Our secret weapon is the element of surprise — doing good, just because it feels good. At this time we are only delivering random and anonymous Joyful Bouquets. 

When will Joyful Bouquets be delivered?

Sponsored Joyful Bouquets will be delivered throughout the month of October. The frequency and duration will depend upon how many Joyful Bouquets are sponsored.

When do sponsored Joyful Bouquets end?

We will be raising money for the Joyful Bouquet for a limited time only. Sponsorships end on October 6, 2017.  


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