Jennifer Guerin has worked in the horticulture and landscape industry for nearly 25 years.


She has always had a passion and creative flare for cut flowers and creating floral arrangements. However, Jennifer kept this talent somewhat of a secret, only really sharing it with her family and friends. Jennifer enjoyed being able to provide them a unique and special gift, as well as contributing a personal touch to many important events in their lives. It never ceased to amaze her, the joy fresh cut flowers brought to people. Despite the fulfillment she felt, Jennifer never wanted to be a traditional florist.

In 2015, Jennifer began to think she could bring this joy and creative fulfillment of floral arranging to many people in a different way — something outside of your traditional floral shop. Jennifer observed an increased popularity in trends such as Do-it-Yourself  (DIY) projects, websites such as Pinterest, and an ever-growing number of paint and wine nights.  These observations planted the seeds that began to form Jennifer’s vision for the Blooming Artisan.

Blooming Artisan is unique from a traditional floral business because it is based on the following concepts.

  1. DIY floral arrangements allow individuals to fill a creative void; learn a new craft to take with them; and experience guided instruction with a chance to learn a little bit about the flowers themselves.
  2. Socialization with friends and having fun is encouraged!